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  • Let the Word of God wash your mind free of negative thoughts – Ravi Zacharias

    Break, it was hard to start packing again, and I couldn’t find most of the things that I normally keep in my case ready to go. But before Christmas, I’m under orders from my wife that every suitcase has to go into the basement. So it went to the basement and then I had to […]

  • The Existence of God – Ravi Zacharias

    And nevertheless, that’s it, my people think, and we are grateful that you all do, and that’s why here at this conference, I esteem see as one of the great heroes of the faith today and the line up that he’s got in here.

  • Raised to Run – Ravi Zacharias

    Thank you. Please be seated. Thank you. Thank you so much. Maybe if I leave now, I can tell my wife I got a standing ovation when I finished. So this is really kind of you. But Robert, those words mean a lot. Maybe most of you may not be aware of what your church […]

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