Category: Sermon

  • The Priority of Prayer – Charles Stanley

    How often do you pray? What do you pray about? Do you have confidence that when you pray and talk to God, he’s going to answer your prayer? What is it that motivates you to pray above everything else? Probably not good times. But fear? Payne. Suffering. Heartache. And then let me ask you a […]

  • Forgiveness – Billy Graham

    Let’s welcome Greg Buchanon tonight to the Crusade for State. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ, I grew up in Southern California. I’m thirty three years old, and as I look back through my life, I realized I was blessed with above average opportunities to succeed in life. My parents were sacrificially giving to both my […]

  • True Love – Billy Graham

    From our archives, the Billy Graham Classics, now, tonight, I want you to turn with me to the Song of Solomon, The Song of Solomon. Now that comes right after Ecclesiastes, if you’re turning in your Bible and just before Isaiah, it’s a short book of only eight short chapters, but one of the most […]

  • Focus on God, not your problems – Charles Stanley

    The more you focus on your difficulty, your hardship or even your pain when you’re suffering, the more you focus on what happens, the bigger it gets. Well, I have been going through this and I’ve been going through that. And if your friends listen to you.

  • Who Are You, God? – Ravi Zacharias

    When you speak just once, you always have to ask yourself the question, what do you really want to say to the people, or what would God have me select as a topic that would be important for you? You know, we have the privilege as traveling people to be able to repeat ourselves. Pastors […]